Matthew Roda

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how to take down goliath and unleash your inner hero


I’ll see you on the battlefield


Join forces with myself and a few other bright minds as we help each other grow, personally and professionally. Bounce ideas off of us, tap into our networks for resources you need, unload your heaviness on us, so we can help you heal, ask questions and so much more.
We get together for a 45-minute call once per week, keep lines of communication open via our private FB group and text message strings and email is always an option too.
When you surround yourself with other driven, disciplined and inspired people, you’re bound to take your life to a brand new level.


Life’s a battle and only the strong will THRIVE. My elite performance coaching covers mindset, fitness, and more. I’ll see you on the battlefield.
I coach middle age men from (or around) Lancaster County, PA – who are sick and tired of settling for mediocrity and who are ready to be alpha males again. Before you hire me, have a serious conversation with yourself and find peace knowing you’re going to get uncomfortable and you’re going to have to embrace the suck. I only work with individuals located in Lancaster County, so we can connect and grow on a personal level. Lastly, you better love our country and the freedom it provides.