That’s how much of your life takes place on the weekend.

Who cares, right?

I do.

And here’s why.

So many people do the work during the week and then completely let themselves go on the weekend.

Sticking to their nutrition? No way.

Getting their workouts in? Forget about it.

Chasing their dreams? Who has time for that?

Too often, weekends are wasted.

Don’t get me wrong, I work way less on the weekends.

I also give myself a small window to eat whatever I want.

And I usually take Sundays off from working out.

But, I certainly do NOT undo all of my effort from the previous five days.

I certainly do NOT take 5 steps back after taking 5 steps forward during the week.

29% is almost one third of your life.

That should be and needs to be time you’re continuing to put in the work.

Sure … relax, unwind, let loose …

But don’t let those 2 days (29% of your life) completely derail you from the momentum and positivity you create during the other 71% of your life.

Use the weekends to propel you forward.

I’ll see you in the battlefield.