Today was special. That’s the strongest I’ve ever felt running a 50K. I was in the moment, and when I was thinking my mind was staying in seek lessons mode. 6 hours out in the woods without music, podcasts, etc. creates some time to look inward.

HERE ARE EIGHT LESSONS I WAS REINFORCED WITH DURING MY ULTRA TODAY (these lessons are applicable in racing, in relationships, in business, but most of all, they’re life lessons).

1 – prepare in advance – going into anything unprepared leaves you at an immediate disadvantage

2 – pace yourself – it’s a long journey, you’re going to want to have and conserve energy to tackle the entire thing

3 – keep your eye on the prize – it’s ok to look ahead occasionally, but the most important thing to pay attention to is your next step, only your next step

4 – approach it in bite size portions – don’t worry yourself by focusing on the entirety of the situation, instead, break it into segments and give your mind a chance to rest

5 – help your fellow man – if you have two salt tabs left for the final 10 miles (and you’ll need them both dearly), but you see someone who needs that salt tab RIGHT NOW, be generous and give it to them – the universe will find a way to support you when you need it

6 – a little encouragement goes a long way – that simple “keep it up, you’re doing great” might just be the difference it takes to help someone from quitting moments later

7 – Charge forward with everything you’ve got when you can, but also know when to reign it in, so you can maintain the overall effort for much longer and reach that finish line

8 – Have fun!! You get to do everything you’re choosing to do, so embrace every aspect of it (the good and the bad), and become a better person because of it

No grandiose exit ~ I need to go eat 💪🏻

I’ll see you on the battlefield.