Successful people have routines.

They dedicate certain times of the day for certain tasks.

They stay disciplined and consistent.

They don’t let distractions get in their way.

They have no problem saying no to people and things that would take them down the wrong path.

That being said, successful people also know how to improvise.

They know when it makes sense to follow their game plan and they know when it makes sense to pivot.

They learn from their mistakes and adjust accordingly.

They know how to make the most of every situation.

This past weekend, Helen was gone from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon.

Two weeks into 75HARD, I wasn’t about to let this change of routine throw me off my game.

Friday, I woke up extra early and got both workout done before she left at 10 am.

Saturday, I packed the kids in the car and took them to Uncle Adam’s house to play for an hour while I did my outdoor workout (mid snow squall). My second workout on Saturday was in my living room (so I could watch the kids play) with nothing more than a 55# KB (I still got a great workout in).

This morning, I did another living room workout … this time with resistance bands. Helen is home now, so I’ll get my second workout (outdoors) in before the sun goes down.

Yes, my normal routine went right out the window this weekend, but with a little creativity and A LOT of fun (as you can see in this photo), the work still got done.

It would have been easy to come up with excuses and to let things slip, but then I would have been in the same boat as all of the people out there who live one excuse after the other. That boat, my friends, will eventually sink.

I’m building a ship that’s unsinkable.

I’ll see you on the battlefield.

PS – If you can’t tell, Amelia is happy to be on the kind of ship I’m building.