I wake up each morning,

And do the work that I should,

I may not be the best yet,

But I’m getting really good.


I simply trust the process,

So I keep my head down,

I make progress each day,

I have no reason to frown.


Not quite where I want to be,

But that’s part of the fun,

A constant work in progress,

There’s always more to be done.


Life is meant to be fun,

But it can also feel like a grind,

It has its up and downs,

A reason to smile ~ I’ll always find.


I want to be great,

So I must put in the work,

I’m weary of complacency,

The force of average does lurk.


Deep in the shadows,

Others try to force my hand,

The greatness I desire,

Is something they can’t understand.


I’ll rise above the noise,

And become who I’m meant to be,

I remain focused and steadfast,

To be the best version of me.


There’s no stopping me now,

As long as I truly believe,

The life that I dream about,

Is something I was born to achieve.