Today (February 3rd, 2022)  is my dad’s 68th birthday and it’s his first birthday being celebrated in heaven.

During my meditation this morning, I felt compelled to write this poem to him. I hope you can hear me dad.

I love you so much dad,
You’ve always been my hero,

You were there for me when I was winning,
And when I was batting zero,

You always worked so hard,
Yet somehow were always there,

You lived a good and honest life,
What happened to you wasn’t fair,

You were the neighborhood dad,
Who was eager to go out and play,

The positive impact you have on us,
Shines bright each and every day,

It’s easy to miss your laughter,
And of course your big, bright smile,

You made so many people happy,
And lived a life that was very worthwhile,

As I sit here and write these words,
I feel a sense of loss and pain,

But I’m happy that you’re in heaven,
And my love for you will never wane,

I want to keep writing more and more,
It somehow brings me peace,

But I know no matter how hard I try,
The pain of losing you will never decrease,

We know you’re up in heaven,
Smiling and watching over us,

You’re freed of your worldly disease,
Which is the biggest plus,

I wanted to wish you a happy birthday,
And tell you how much I love you,

You’ve made me the man I am today,
I live to make you proud in everything I do,

I know it’s not a goodbye,
But rather I’ll see you soon,

I feel your presence in the warmth of the sun,
And in the beauty of the moon,

I love and miss you pops,
I wish you were still here,

But I know you’re still protecting us,
Which is why I can live without fear,

I’ll finish with these last four lines,
I know it’s not that clever,

I miss you each and every day,
And that’s a feeling that will last forever,

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Dad, Happy Birthday to you!

I love you Dad.