Do I look exhausted?

I am.

Both of our girls are fighting off bugs and they both have a nasty cough.

I watched the UNC / DUKE game and went to bed last night around 11:30.

By midnight, I was in Amelia’s room giving her water and rocking/snuggling with her for an hour.

I crawled back into my bed around 1 am and quickly fell asleep (I did three workouts yesterday, so my body was absolutely ready for some rest and recovery).

3 am quickly rolls around and I hear small footsteps coming down the hallway and entering our room.

Caroline doesn’t feel well and wants to sleep in our bed. I got up and convinced her to stay in her bed for another 15 minutes (while her music machine plays a certain song) and if she’s still awake when it turns off, she can come get me and I’ll sleep next to her bed (on the floor) per her request.

Sure enough, 3:15 am and she’s back in our room, so I keep my word, grab a blanket from downstairs, and do my best to get comfortable enough to get some sleep.

There’s a lot of tossing and turning and repositioning myself during the next 3 hours, but I did manage to get a little shuteye.

6:50 am and Caroline jumps out of bed, turns on the lights and basically says “I’m ready for the day to get started.”

I politely ask for a few minutes to slowly get up (I’m feeling very groggy at this point), but she’s not having it. So, within a minute, we are headed down the steps to get our day started.

I’m tired. I have a busy day ahead of me. I’m sore from yesterday. I would love to still be sleeping.

BUT, I’d do it all a million more tomes for my kids.

They’re worth every sacrifice, every moment of frustration, every moment of putting my needs second.

When you find something in life that you’re willing to do the same for, hold it tight and never let it go.

Whether that be a significant other, business, family member, or your own child, EMBRACE these tough moments and use them as reminders to how fortunate you really are.

Survival usually requires sacrifice.

For my family, I’d sacrifice it all, so you better believe I’ll sacrifice some sleep.

I’ll see you on the battlefield.