Matthew Roda

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how to take down goliath and unleash your inner hero


I’ll see you on the battlefield


I was born and raised Catholic and I’m a very spiritual person. However, when I mention faith, I’m not necessarily talking about structured religion. I’m talking about my unwavering faith in a higher power, in a bigger purpose, in my family, in abundance and in being the best person I can be. My faith in humanity and the future is undeniable.


My family is my world – they mean everything to me. First and foremost, I’m a devoted (and lucky) husband to my stunning wife. Secondly, I’m a committed father to our beautiful children and pups. Lastly, I’m extremely fortunate to be part of a family of conscious beings who are (and have been) ushering in a more positive and inviting reality.


I live and breathe fitness ~ it seriously gets me fired up on a daily basis. Whether it’s taking a HIIT class or going for a run with friends, lifting weights in my home gym, or spending the better part of a day running ultramarathons; fitness is an extremely integral part of my life. Fitness keeps me grounded, fuels my fire and helps me to live an elite life.


Spending quality time with my family is fun. Doing anything fitness related is fun. Co-owning and operating our businesses is fine. Constantly challenging myself and growing is fun. Reading is fun. Resting and recovering is fun. Thinking outside the box is fun. Questioning reason and logic is fun. As you can probably see, I find fun in almost everything I do!